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About Hemp

Did you know it is rumored the Queen of England beds her royal horses with Hemp Hurd? And, race horses around the world use Hemp as their bedding and even transport it from location to location? Hemp has been used for centuries because of it’s amazing absorbency and odor control. Hemp has an even longer history dating back to ancient civilizations where they utilized hemp for rope, paper, clothing and much more!


Hemp is a highly sustainable plant and grows incredibly fast, going from seed to harvest in 120 days. The entire hemp crop is valuable, from its inner woody core, called hurd, shive or bast, to its fiber, to its seeds. Earth Supply Co. All Natural Hemp Pet Bedding is made entirely from the inner woody core of sustainable hemp grown by third, fourth and even fifth generation farmers! The hemp stalk is harvested then broken down into super soft hemp hurd. The unique structure of the hurd provides cushion and comfort that is soft enough for eggs, has a high thermal rating and quickly absorbs urine keeping the animal’s habitat cleaner longer.

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